After ultralow temperature test

Cryogenic Testing

Up to now, RELIABLE product is the only low pressure (set pressure lower than 100 kPa) buckling pin relief device that passes cryogenic testing.

The set pressure of the tested buckling pin device is 16kPa. In the beginning, normal temperature (11.6℃) medium is used for 3 times of bursting tests, and the measured bursting points are 16.2kPa, 15.4kPa and 15.1kPa.

And then the cryogenic medium is connected to the tested device. After the measured temperature of the medium stabilizes for long time (the temperature stabilizes at about -108℃for 3 hours), 3 times of bursting tests are performed, and the measured bursting points are 16.1kPa, 15.5kPa and 15.5kPa.


① IN-P-A-C series buckling pin pressure relief system in cryogenic testing

② The bottom part of the pressure sensing line and butterfly valve stem frost.

③ After the testing is finished, frost is also found on the surface of butterfly valve

The cryogenic testing of RELIABLE’s cryogenic buckling pin pressure relief system confirms that:

First, there will be cryogen-affected zone on the device due to the cryogenic service medium inside of it. The area close to the cryogenic medium frosts, and the frost becomes thicker over time when the area stabilize.

Secondly, temperature gradient forms on the pressure sensing line, and the temperature of the buckling pin assembly is never influenced by the cryogenic medium because the length of the connection tube is bigger than the value specified in standard.

Thirdly, there is no difference on the results of bursting tests with normal temperature medium or cryogenic medium. The test of the buckling pin relief system under ambient temperature can demonstrate the performance of the system in operation with cryogenic medium.

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